Eat That… Or Go To Bed Hungry

Parentals and guardians, we’ve all been there before. You spent the last hour sweating, slicing, stirring and sautéing (not to mention the time you spent shopping and thoughtfully planning every locally-sourced organic ingredient), just to have the kids whine about how it tastes yucky or it’s too saucy, or it looks weird, and they’d really prefer nuggets. So what do you do when your kid just refuses to finish (or even start) their food? Do you serve up more options for those picky little shits and cater to the divergent array of palettes in your household? Do you force them to suffer while they reluctantly ingest every nutritional morsel? Do you bribe them with dessert, or do you just threaten them with the good old “Eat that or go to bed hungry!!!”?

Honestly, no judgement here. The correct answer is E, all of the above.

But the truth is, we remember being kids too, when eating dinner truly felt like a chore, because it quite honestly got in the way of play. And in this crazy world of donuts and ice cream trucks (not to mention a scary pandemic), who can even blame them?

And that is why we would like to introduce cousins Emoji Ava and Zombie Zo as, PLAYDATENEXTDOOR, with their delicious ballad Eat That, about the woes of eating vegetables, in an unauthorized FENTY x FENTON mashup (based on the original song Believe it by PARTYNEXTDOOR and Rihanna).

And rest assured, many many popcorn kernels were harmed in the making of this video. So before you ask, the antique popcorn maker was rented courtesy of Ruckify, where you can find just about anything via local vendors in your area (from popcorn makers to power tools). As an added bonus, use our promo code ALPHABETAPIE when you sign up, and receive a $35 credit towards your first rental!

Fun Fenton facts: Okra is actually Ava’s favourite veggie but Zozo prefers cucumbers, and neither of them actually has a pet cat 😉

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