Batty On The Counter: A Music Video by Gin & Jewlz

Gin & Jewlz

It is with great excitement and even greater anxiety that we present to you, our first attempt at a music video (spoof).  Please don’t take it too seriously.  Batty On The Counter is a body positive homage to selfie culture, a brazilian butt lift epidemic, and just a tribute and reminder to all babes, of all shapes and sizes, to rock what our mommas gave us… even if we can’t afford the plastic surgery or botox injections that we shouldn’t even feel so pressured to get in the first place but since everyone else is doing it now you’re the only one left looking for the perfect snapchat filter to lift your sagging dreams (sorry about the run-on sentence).  But seriously though, we all know that sitting on the counter (or any flat surface for that matter) gives our booties that little extra bit of va-va-voom, so let’s just own it ladies!  Let em know, girlfriend 😉

Batty On The Counter was inspired by a hilarious exchange we had while making a previous video – ‘Social Media Etiquette & Relationships’.  We were discussing when it is (or isn’t) ok for your partner to ‘like’ another female’s picture on Instagram, when Gin exclaimed that it’s not cool, “if it’s one of those… batty on the counter of the washroom… ratchet photos” (referring to the cliché provocative mirror selfie).  At that point we laugh-cried for about ten minutes before we could get the camera rolling again (and fix our mascara), and Batty on the Counter was born.   

The song was written to the melody of “Girlfriend” by Busta Rhymes and Tory Lanez (and also Vybz Kartel, but we cut his verse out… sorry Vybz).    

An aside, by Gin

“Personal Brand”.  I rarely heard those words come out of my friends’ mouths at all if ever, until Julia and I decided to take a stab at our very own Weird Al Yankovic-esque spoof music video.

Let me start by saying that one can definitely understand the need to be mindful of what is put on the internet in this day and age, but when did we lose sight of the meaning of the very first word of that phrase – personal?

What is the point of a personal brand if one cannot truly be themselves (in varying degrees of course) in every area of their lives?  That is what being real truly is, is it not?  Let me tell you what I mean before your personal brand becomes too offended to continue reading…

I am (in my opinion) a successful insurance representative, I love what I do and I love helping people understand and become more comfortable with their insurance products. Trust me, once I explain it to you it will all just “Click”.  I am also extremely goofy, high energy, sassy and positive in my office, within reason of course.  When I told my coworkers I was venturing into the world of Youtube to make videos that would make others smile, they weren’t even surprised.  Maybe because those same traits that make me so good at my job are also easily transferable to my moonlighting career as a Youtuber.

All I’m saying is, maybe we need to loosen up a bit.  It’s 2018, and certain races and religions now have travel bans while others are losing their children in the hopes of providing those very children with better lives… so some laughter and innocent fun might just be what we need.  Life is too short to be stuffy, so let’s loosen up and live a little, both on and offline.

Gin & Jewlz