Be Careful with Weed – A Cardi B Parody

It’s been just over 3 months now since Cannabis was legalized in Canada, and boy has it been an interesting trip.  On the surface, it was a huge win for both (the) man and plant kind, but for any rational person with half of a brain, the big government ganja game (of monopoly) has left a bad taste in our collective mouth.  If you’re wondering why, I wrote a piece for Addicted Magazine back on Weed-Day outlining some of my concerns. 

So how have things unfolded since October 17th?  Well, aside from nation-wide shortages (leading to medicinal patients having limited access) during a months long postal strike, new and harsher roadside testing laws that seem to ignore science, grossly wasteful packaging (during a global climate change crisis) thanks to over-regulation, and a bizarre lottery here in Ontario to determine who gets 1 of a whopping 25 dispensary licenses, aka. Willy Wonka’s Golden Tickets (and yes, that is province wide)… aside from all of that, I suppose it’s been lit.  

Believe it or not, Gin and I wrote this song in May, after Cardi B dropped her insanely dope (no pun intended) Invasion of Privacy album, back when legalization was still off on the horizon.  Then life got hectic, our project got put on hold, and legalization came and went.  And yet, despite our wildest pipe dreams (and a dank ounce of cronyism), the song is still as relevant as ever.  Our politicians must be high or something.

And yes, it’s satire (we are unequivocally PRO Cannabis)… and yes, you should definitely still be careful (with weed).