Issa Mitzvah – Drake Bar Mitzvah Remix

Last month we celebrated Chase, my eldest son’s Bar Mitzvah downtown Toronto at Airship 37. I promised Chase that I wasn’t going to embarrass him with any naked bathtub pictures or videos during the slideshow (these days I’m considered the Queen of cringey, aka. typical embarrassing Jewish mom). That being said, I did not promise not to rap in front of all his friends in an epic (in my humble opinion), live, Drake rock cover. Whoops?!? (Seriously though… he should know me by now).

Of course, Chase (and every other 13 year old in Toronto, or anywhere) is a HUUUGE Drizzy fan (and especially so being Blewish himself and hailing from the same part of town). So I picked one of his fave songs, and recruited my talented baby brother Hart with his cherry red Fender, and we put together an original Bar Mitzvah remix to honour my baby boy the best way we know how… parody!

Check out our live performance of “Issa Mitzvah”, an electric rock cover of Drake’s banger “Nonstop”, featuring OG Aunty Gin as my hype woman (naturally).

PS. I’ve added the lyrics for all the Alte Kakers (that’s Yiddish for geezers) who couldn’t understand me the first time around. Thank me later.