Make the time to play – A Poem to your child by Fisher Price

-1Recently, I had the honor of being chosen for a Fisher Price video with my one year old, Alonzo.  As our first mama + baby commercial appearance, naturally, the experience was fun and exciting… but it was also nothing I could have expected.  When it was our turn on set, we were asked to just sit and play and enjoy each other with the toys they provided.  Simple enough.  Zozo’s fave was the timeless stacking tower that we all grew up on, and he instantly recognized from his own collection at home.  But then, I was asked to read him a poem, and that is when the emotions started to resonate.

The poem (which I’ve transcribed below), speaks to those moments in our lives that are gone in the blink of an eye, yet stay with us for a lifetime.  I know that Zozo will never remember our special day.  He won’t remember playing in the greenroom while we waited for our turn, and he won’t remember the lights or the big camera or the nice people… but I will.  I even remember thinking, as I was reading the poem aloud, how spot on every word really was.  I thought about my older son, and how 8 years seem to have flown by overnight.  And although he still loves to play with his mama, he would rather have a play-date with a cool friend, and he won’t let me kiss him goodbye in public anymore, and he only wants to cuddle now when he’s sick.  He’s only 8, and yet, I already wish we had more time.  I went home wondering which memories he cherishes the most, and wondering if there’s more I could have done, or still can.

Today, when I saw the finished product, I wasn’t shocked to see that some of the other moms were close to tears.  None of us were actors, and none of us had ever seen the poem before.  The emotions in this video are honest, organic, loving reactions of real mamas reflecting on these precious words, and as corny as it sounds, I will never forget that day, or that promise, to make the time to play.

When I look back many years from now
Will I recall this day
When there was only you and I
And we had the time to play

Will I remember how you looked at me
With that sparkle in your eye
Will I still see your glowing smile
Until the day I die

Will your joy today, bring hope to me
When I’m lost for what to do
Will the echo of your laughter
Be the thing that helps me through

And you my dear, I wonder
What you will remember of this day
While my mind says very little
My heart won’t let me feel this way

For I believe when you grow up
And I watch your from a far
That the cherished moments that we shared
Will be a part of who you are

No matter what the future holds
A promise I’ll make today
As long as you will let me my dear
I’ll make the time to play